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2 years ago
I like how, despite this being a porn site, people are more concerned about her training techniques than fapping lol.
3 years ago
This is horrible fitness advice. Her Squat, back squat, and knee thrust do the exact same thing. Her deadlift form is a guaranteed way to injure your back with the distance between her hands and legs. She never braces her core. She’s probably going to end up injured in the next 5 years. Hot tho
2 years ago
that one dude beside her needs to stop skipping leg day
That guy 2 years ago
Might not have used the best technique but I don’t think we were considered with that. Most were focused on a perfect ass doing a leg workout.
3 years ago
1 year ago
All the smith machine use infuriated me so much I couldn’t fap.

As dom mazzetti once told us how to use of the smith machine “you don’t”
4 months ago
Dirty gym thot
3 years ago
big yikes
MICHAEL 2 years ago
geiler Körper und supper Po