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Jennifer 1 year ago
I used to have a mattress on my back patio. My son's friends would ask why it was there and I would tell them that was where I laid out to sunbathe. Took them a little time to realize that it was were my husband and I would have sex outdoors. Then they always wanted to lay on it.
Earl 3 years ago
Nessa Devil (b: Dec 9 1988) retired from porn in 2012; hopefully she’ll make a comeback.
Bart 2 years ago
I love her abs and tiny rib cage
Scott56 3 years ago
A victorious Nessa then starts to blow her boyfriend when she notices Sarah slowly getting up. Nessa walks over to Sarah and grabs the groggy babe by her hair, tongue kisses her slowly twice, and proceeds to put two fingers up Sarah's pussy. As she thrusts them repeatedly in and out of Sarah's wet vagina, Sarah starts moaning loudly until Nessa decides to punch her 3 times in the mouth till Sarah's eyes roll back and she falls on her ass stiffly. Nessa's bf rock hard cock is sucked again.
Scott56 3 years ago
At a pool party for their porn company, two skinny girls with big fake tits both want greater promotion so they strut around the pool in black thongs until they argue and decide to fight each other. Nessa and Sarah walk over to a grassy area accompanied by their boyfriends. Nessa removed her thong first and Sarah slowly takes off hers teasingly. Nessa had enough, walks over throws a right cross and a left uppercut as Sarah goes down for the count. Queen bee Nessa scores a 1st round knockout.
2 years ago
Anorexic with big fake boobs