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WTF? 2 years ago
This Dude has the worst stroke I’ve ever seen this poor Lady. She’s only grunting because he is breaking her back and not in a good way. Pain and pleasure is cool but that just sucked.
2 years ago
The dude was more interested in checking himself out in the camera.
2 years ago
if he is her personal trainer I’d get my money back... can’t be giving exercise advice when you built like me haha
Bruh 2 years ago
This wasn't even gay porn, yet it still looked gay as hell.
Iron Cock Tyson 2 years ago
Her back is broken... Spinal!
right 2 years ago
this guys a personal trainer and im the fucking queen of england
2 years ago
Is he a personal trainer or a chiropractor?
jeff 2 years ago
y he fuckin her like dat
Eric bitchoff 2 years ago
Lol the guy smiling at the camera says it all
2 years ago
Wtf kind of ass slaps was that mans is soft